Blessed to Serve
Opportunities for gospel ministry and service at Bethany

Altar Guild

A special area of service and concern for the congregation is the church’s altar and chancel area. The Altar Guild is responsible for the preparation of this area for worship. They also prepare the sacramental vessels and elements when Holy Communion is being celebrated. All members of the congregation, ninth grade and older are invited and encouraged to serve on the Altar Guild.

Please see this instructional video on how to prepare for the celebration of Holy Communion and clean up afterwards.



This is a great service opportunity requiring minimal time investment. Ushers are organized into four person teams with each team responsible of only one worship service each month. Duties include pre-worship service prep such as: open doors, turn on lights, turn on PA system, and lighting candles at the altar. During the service, ushers assist by collecting offerings, ushering members to the altar for communion, and dismissing at the end of worship. After the service, the ushers turn off lights and PA system and lock the church. Contact Terry Evans at Kenosha and Norm Fritz at Somers for additional information or to volunteer for this great service opportunity. Ushers are needed at both Bethany locations.

Communion Assistants

Communion assistants take part in the worship service by assisting the pastor in distributing Holy Communion. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve our Lord. While often Communion Assistants are also members of our usher teams, it is not required. Communion Assistants will normally serve one service per month and will be teamed with one of the usher teams. Training will be provided. Confirmed male members of Bethany are eligible to serve as Communion Assistants. Contact one of the pastors for additional information or to volunteer for this great service opportunity.

School Hot Lunch Assistants

The school hot lunch program is staffed by volunteers. The volunteers provide a smiling face and cheerful attitude for the children and staff they see each day. Meals are provided by an outside vendor and no cooking is required. Duties include setting up the kitchen to serve the catered hot lunch, checking the milk and food delivered from the vendor to ensure we received what was ordered, and serving and assisting the students with their meals, both hot and cold. Occasionally this may include helping use the microwave or opening various lunch items. When lunch is over the teams clean up the kitchen, wash trays and the serving utensils used during lunch. You do not need to have children or grandchildren in our school to join this group. The most important skill needed is your smile and cheerful attitude. Please contact Deb Dubis, [email protected] or Jennifer Vega, [email protected]  for more information.


Board of Education

This group works closely with the Chairman of the Board of Education on all matters associated with the Bethany Lutheran School including school calendar, curriculum, policies and procedures, outreach, and more. Committee participation is open to any male Bethany Lutheran Church, Mt. Zion, or St. Luke member in good standing. No experience is necessary, nor is it necessary to have children currently attending the School. If you are interested in more information or would like to attend a meeting and observe, please contact the current Board of Education Chairman, David Wilbik, at [email protected].  


Worship Musicians

Many Bethany members give their time and talents as musicians at our worship services. We thank God for these dedicated individuals and their wonderful gifts. If you are interested in playing an instrument solo or a small group piece for worship, please complete the information page.

More information about our adult singing choir and chime choir is also available.